My Tiny Gymnast…

Ella started in a gymnastic class about a month ago. She absolutely LOVES it! The only downside for me has been I can’t help her in class and photograph her at the same time. (Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been loving being in the moment with her, but I also really wanted some photographic evidence of her doing cute things in class!) She missed a class when she was sick a couple of weeks ago, so I was excited to do a make up class this past Saturday. Mostly because it meant Eric could be in class with her and I could photograph it! Here’s a taste of my cute little gymnast, hard at work 🙂

A little bridge

Trying hard to bring her knees up… still needs to work on the abs 😉

Somersaults! She would do this all day long if we let her!

Concentrating on balance…

Hope you all stayed warm this weekend. Happy Monday!

p.s. BONUS TIP!! The gym was PACKED this weekend, they probably had 5 classes going, with about 40 people in the gym. You’d never guess this by looking at the photos. This is when a telephoto lens comes in really handy. It allows you to zoom right in on who you’re photographing, skipping over the other people in the room. Most of these images were photographed somewhere between 150 and 300 mm.

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