Nanaimo Family Photography Session

Ever have one of those days where things just didn’t go according to plan? Last week, I talked a little about being on the other side of the lens. Our plan was to arrive at Kelli’s studio mid afternoon, be photographed and then we’d photograph her family. Let’s just say, you should never base your schedule on BC Ferries! We ended up arriving at Kelli’s studio about 2 1/2 hours later than we’d intended. So while we were able to get our photographs taken, we ran out of time for Kelli’s family! So we did the only thing we could…rescheduled their family for Sunday. Which also happened to coincide nicely with their 20th engagement anniversary 🙂

We met at Piper’s Lagoon and were faced again with a super windy day! So we went looking for some shelter. This little rocky area was great.

Eric loved the long grass here, so he photographed this one. I love that we’re able work together like this!

Celebrating 20 years…hope the next 20 are even better 🙂

Keep Smiling!

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