Yikes, I’m nervous. Today I am giving a presentation to a grade 5/6 class about my job as a photographer. I want to be interesting and engaging…but all I can think about is how nervous I am. As a photographer, my job is to provide spectacular images to my clients. It is to freeze a moment in time. It is to work one on one with a family. It’s not standing up in front of a class of 30 and talking. You’re probably asking “So why are you doing this?” and I’ll probably give you a flip answer of “Because I had a momentary lapse in sanity”, but the truth is more along the lines of… I promised myself that I would start to do more things that “scared” me, to push myself to grow. This is one of those things. Besides, being a photographer is an amazing job and being able to share that passion with students, is pretty cool.

Wish me luck!

Eric took this photograph of me, about 5 years ago…and it certainly sums up how I’m feeling today!

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