New Gymnastics!

Ella finished her first gymnastics program on Wednesday. I saw so much improvement in her gross motor skills over the course of 8 weeks. Ella had never really crawled as a baby, choosing instead to scoot around on her bum, then she went onto walking. Now, she can crawl through things and will sometimes crawl around the room, just because she can. Her walking has improved, as has her balance. She also randomly asks to do somersaults! Where I see the biggest change is in her confidence. She’s always been a child who’s more content to have someone carry her, especially if the obstacle in front of her presents a challenge. Now she’s walking up and down stairs and not wanting to be carried as often. It’s fantastic!

We’d registered Ella out in Coquitlam to start with, so that she could spend some time with her cousins. We were also waiting for friends to start up their gymnastics program. I was really excited to attend their open house this past Monday and see equipment that is all “kid-sized”! She had so much fun checking out all the new equipment and seemed to really appreciate the fact that she could reach a lot of it on her own. Classes start the week of April 4th, so if you’re in Vancouver and have kids between the ages of 6 months and 6 years, I would strongly suggest you check it out! They are located at West 4th and Blenheim. Check out their website here.

Ella’s report card!

Happy Friday!

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