Night Owls

I’m a night owl. Always have been, likely always will be. I’ve always done my best thinking and work late at night. I used to say that my ideal day would begin at about 11am, I’d work from noon until 6pm, a short break for dinner and then a little more work until midnight or a little later! (Would still like to believe that this will be possible some day :))¬†Since the girls were born… this habit has bitten me in the butt more than once. It’s not always conducive to getting enough¬†sleep if I work until 1 am (or later), when I can’t be guaranteed what time I will be woken up in the morning (or at different stages throughout the night!) However, I continue to take this “risk”, because in the long run, I think it makes me a better mom. This “me” time is spent writing goals, dreaming big about the future and trying to complete long untouched projects. (Sometimes it’s spent mindlessly playing Bejeweled, but that’s another story!)

I bought this beautiful yarn in December. One of my goals this year is to learn how to knit complicated cables. I have done a lot of knitting in my life, but it’s always been on the “easy” side. This is one of the things I hope to accomplish in the wee hours of the morning when my girls are sleeping soundly.

It’s through these stolen moments that I make moments like this possible.

Where I can happily sit on my bathroom floor, be splashed (drenched some nights) with water, have my feet fall asleep but still have a smile on my face. The patience that I can show my kids during the day, is honestly only possible because I carve out a little “me” time. Even if it has to be at 2am.

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