Oh the joys!

As a parent, I have learned that some days are better than others. Some days they melt your heart with their sweetness. Other days, you’re so frustrated by bedtime that you breathe a sigh of relief once they are asleep.

On Sunday, Ella went to Costco with Eric. As she walked past the flowers, she told him, “We need flowers for mommy.” Eric picked out a bunch, Ella said, “No, not those ones.” pointed to another bunch and said “Those ones.” My heart melted and I was close to tears as Eric told me the story. A pretty good mom moment.

Yesterday, I was chatting to a friend on the phone. Both the girls were sitting on my bed, playing happily. All of a sudden, Tehya started to cry. And by cry, I mean scream at the top of her lungs. When I asked Ella what had happened, she told me she’d bitten Tehya’s finger. So NOT a good mom moment.

And then there’s the stall tactics.  Ella is becoming quite ingenious in delaying bedtime. Her latest tactic is to say that she forgot to clean up her toys. This one, I’m willing to let slide, because honestly, I want her to pick up her toys. If it means bedtime is 10 minutes later, I’ll take it.

Yup, parenting. You get the good, the bad, and the in between. It is by far the toughest job I’ve ever had but also the most rewarding. Nothing quite compares to tiny arms wrapped around your neck and an “I love you mommy” before bed. It may turn me grey and test my patience to the max, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Happy Wednesday 🙂

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