Oh, They are So Precious…

Yesterday, when we arrived home from Ella’s swimming lesson, the sun was shining and she asked if she could please play in the backyard. So I hopped the girls out of the car and opened the gate to the backyard. They both took off running, while I headed inside via the front door to get dinner started. I poked my head outside when I got into the kitchen and they were happily “sweeping” up flower petals for me. I quickly ran downstairs to grab some more rice from the storage room and happened to glance out the window… and saw Ella with these beauties in her hand…


… and, she had, of course, only picked the ones that were almost ready to open up. The ones that are still tightly closed and green… she didn’t touch. I had to laugh. She’s been fascinated (and by fascinated, I mean slightly obsessed) with picking flowers. Every time we go to the park, she comes home with a collection of dandelions. When we go to the store, she insists on buying flowers for me. It shouldn’t surprise me that she’d pick this little bouquet at the “perfect” time. Now, I guess, I just have to teach her to pick them with a little more stem, so they can go in a bigger vase 🙂

Happy Thursday.

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