Oh, to be young again!

There are times as a parent that you just can’t help yourself. You make your child do something that you did as a child. I don’t know why. Maybe you want to relive that moment. Pretend you’re young again. But you know you’re not, so you make your child do it instead.

While on holiday, I made Ella do a couple of things that I did as a kid. When I was 3, my family went to Drumheller. They photographed my sister and I in a “Dinosaur Soup” pot. For some reason, I relate Drumheller to many cool things (hoo doos, camping, dinosaurs) – but most especially this soup pot. So I really wanted to find it while we were there. Needless to say, I was ridiculously excited when I did! (I think Eric secretly thought I was a little crazy!)

Dinosaur Soup, circa 1979.

Dinosaur Soup now. A different spot, but still fun 🙂

I also love this tiny little church. It’s just so cute. It’s even cuter when you put little people in the doorway!

The Littlest Church, circa 1979.

The Littlest Church, now. It’s had a little bit of a facelift, but it’s nice to know that some things never change!

Happy Friday!

(Oh and in case you want to take advantage of some beach weather this weekend, we still have a couple of spots left for Sunday’s Mini sessions. Give us a call, 604-273-0401!)

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