Olivia is One! – Port Coquitlam Baby Photos

One. It’s such a small number but in so many ways it’s huge. From the first moment that we hold our newborn, our life is transformed into a series of firsts. The first smile. The first teeth. The first steps. Month by month there are huge changes… and then you reach one. One whole year. A year that has changed your world and likely turned it completely upside down. You never knew a tired so deep… but you also never knew a love so pure and strong.

Last week, I was honoured to capture some photographs of sweet little Olivia who is turning one later this week. She was the epitome of cute and a real little ham for the camera.


So excited to have her hands on her favourite little stuffy.


Love this little letter set that Bailey painted… and so did Olivia!


I just barely managed to get this image before Olivia grabbed the letters again!


What better way to celebrate turning one, than balloons?


Bailey, thank you for allowing me to record this milestone for you and for having so many personal touches to add to the photographs. You really can see your wedding planning background coming out 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy these images for many years to come!

Happy Monday!

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