On her OWN!

There have been several moments lately that remind me just how rapidly my children are growing.

Tehya is crawling like crazy and is starting to pull herself up (something Ella never really did, so I’m pretty excited!). She’s also eating a LOT of food… last night for dinner, she ate all the meat on a chicken drumstick, 1/4 of a yam, 1/4 cup of puffed rice, 1/4 cup of applesauce and a whole cooked carrot. I was a little bit in awe of the amount of food she was able to pack into her tiny little body!

Ella has started to interrupt conversations between Eric and I to find out what a word means. She is super helpful with Tehya and is often reminding her that it’s not nice to pull hair or take toys. It’s pretty cute to listen to.

But for me, the biggest thing happened yesterday. Ella took her first gymnastics class on her own. She’s been going to Flips n Kicks for just over a year now, but it’s always been in a parent and tot program. With her last birthday, she’s “graduated” to the next level. I was a little disappointed that I needed to work and couldn’t be there, but I had Eric take a few images and videos for me. I couldn’t be prouder of how well she’s doing… especially given where we started!

Somersault extraordinaire!

Happy Thursday 🙂

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