One Year

Have you ever stopped on a particular day and said to yourself, where was I on this day a year ago? Have I changed or grown in that time? What have I accomplished? I stopped yesterday when I realized that today marks a year since we moved into our new home and what a year it’s been!

A year ago, our girls spent the night with my parents, while Eric and I madly finished packing. We got very little sleep that night as we prepped for the movers to come the next morning. We were up bright and early and the day was spent packing the last of our things, cleaning, and staying out of the way of the movers. After a brief dinner with my parents, I brought the girls up to our empty apartment to say goodbye. Ella went room by room and hugged and kissed all the walls, before cheerfully walking out the front door. When we arrived at the new house, our wonderful realtor had brought some gifts for the girls. They still love their stuffed penguin and snowman.

Over the coming days, I never expected the tears from Ella or the questions about being able to go back to our “real” home. The people there could just switch with us, right. Then one night Eric and I painted until the wee hours of the morning and when Ella woke up the next morning, she said to me, “I like this colour much better mommy” and she hasn’t asked to leave since! What a difference a little colour makes!

This year has seen a lot of changes and some of those adjustments have been hard. The girls were used to seeing my parents 5 days a week… and now are lucky if they see them once a week. Ella found this adjustment particularly hard and lots of tears were had because she missed her Mya and Papa in the brown house. I discovered, the hard way, that I should have prepped the kids better for this change, especially Ella. It meant months of “clingyness” and sleep disruption, but we’ve finally found a balance.

We’ve tackled a lot of the things that we’ve wanted to do in the house, but the list is still pretty long. A little more painting, a few boxes to be unpacked and lots of things still to be organized… but I know now that we’ll get there, eventually. I’ve learned that I need to be a little more forgiving of myself and the expectations that I hold.

The girls have a fabulous play space inside, right across from my office space. I love that I can work away and they can play in my sight. They love that they can walk over to say hi anytime they want 🙂 My sister also lives about 10 minutes away, so the girls spend one day a week with her, so that I can get some un-interrupted work time in. I love that they get regular play time with their cousins and that they are being watched by family! I’m very lucky.

Eric’s started and has almost finished a new outdoor garden shed and a fantastic playhouse for the girls. Just a few finishing touches and some painting… but that may need to wait until spring when the weather gets better again. The girls are beyond excited about their little house and it really makes this place feels like ours now. We “inherited” an amazing garden from the previous owners and we’ve really enjoyed it this year. We know we want to make a few changes to it, but so much hard work has already been done for us. Very grateful for that.

I love the community here. Ella’s made friends with the little girl that lives next door and I’m sure many more will be made when she starts Kindergarten next year. I love that when we go for a walk, people say hello. I love that on days when the kids are feeling a little stir crazy and I have a deadline, I can let them play outside and know that they are safe. One of their favourite things to do is make mud pies 🙂

As hard as some of the adjustments have been, I love that we made the right decision for our family. Thank you to everyone who’s made this last year so incredible for us. We are very lucky!

Still love this home…


Happy Thursday!

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