Do whatever it takes.

In 2011, I had the opportunity to travel to Alberta to help out Don MacGregor with a workshop in Waterton Lakes National Park. It was one of those opportunities that I just couldn’t turn down. A bunch of hours driving across the province with an amazing photographer and individual, plus the chance to teach (and learn from) some pretty amazing Albertans. This trip was an opportunity. Sometimes you need to do whatever it takes to seize an opportunity.

I think that this image demonstrates a great point. Environmental portraiture is about an experience. This family had an experience during this shoot. I hope that they will remember us standing in the [bloody freezing cold] water. I hope that they will remember the experience of having their portrait taken. The lengths that we went to to create this image, and the experience that the family had, increases the value of the piece of paper that the image is printed on.

The lesson: Do whatever it takes to get the perfect photograph. Not only will you get a great image, you’ll increase the perceived value of the photograph.