Props for Photographers

We use a variety of props in our baby photography. If you’d like some help in sourcing props, feel free to give us a call. Here are some of our favourites.

Ken Broadland at Heartwood Studios on Vancouver Island creates stunning wooden bowls, perfect for little ones.

To prevent “spills” and so that we don’t have the huggies logo in our images, we use “G” diapers. They are a re-usable diaper with clean cloth lines and simple velcro tabs. We don’t use them the way they were intended, we simply slip them over the disposable diaper. It looks great and there is no cleanup.

Fabulous fabric from Fabricana one of our favourite fabric stores. There’s also a bunch of great fabric stores on Fraser Street in Vancouver.

Many of you know that Katrina and I both knit. If you’d like a custom piece made just for you, give us a shout. Between the two of us, we can knit almost anything. Toques, scarves, blankets, dinosaurs… you name it.


If you’d like to save a bit of money and add a little emotional symbolism to your shoot, borrow things from your clients. It gives your photograph a connection that none of your props can provide, no matter how cool they are.