Photoshop Actions!

Eric and I are so excited to announce that we now have some Photoshop Actions for sale. Eric’s been working hard putting together some fun and useful actions and over the last few days we’ve been adding them to our Etsy Shop! We’ll be adding more over the next few days and weeks… and possibly even start adding album and card templates! The possibilities are endless and with instant download, as soon as you’ve made your payment, you’re able to download the actions 🙂

Here are just a few of the options we’ve created so far!

The vignette action, helps to draw your eye right where you want it!


Enhance skin tones, without affecting anything else in your photo!

healthy skin

Your choice of old school sepia, soft colour or really enhance your green… all for images that stand out!


The best part… if you can’t find an action that suits your needs, simply send us an email and we’ll custom create one for you 🙂

Happy Thursday!!

p.s. Don’t forget, we’ll be adding more actions in the following days, so be sure to head back and see what we’ve come up with.

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