Projects Big and Small

I am someone who likes to have lots of projects on the go, both big and small. Right now, there seem to be more big/daunting/slightly overwhelming projects than there are little ones. However, I know that the only thing I can do is slowly chip away at them, until they are done. It helps that the 2 biggest projects at the moment have deadlines… it means they get to take top priority 🙂

Big project #1: Put together a photo book of our life together so far. Eric and I have quite a few photos. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that most are sitting dutifully on a hard drive waiting to have something done with them. The other complication… up until about 2 years ago, I still used film 90% of the time. Which means I have a mountain of negatives to go through, scan and retouch (well, realistically, Eric will retouch them for me… in his spare time… as he preps for classes to start up at the college next month…). I’d been wanting to tackle this project for a while, but it kept getting shoved to the bottom of the list… because it had no deadline, until now!

A few months ago, a Groupon came up for a photo book. I bought it. The expiry date, next month. Project status: Lots to do, lots to sort through, but it will get done in time!

Big Project #2: This one is a bit of a secret. I know, so not fair to tell you that there’s something big coming and not share what it is. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a really long time and then I received an email about a contest… so I entered. Early bird Deadline: August 27th, 2012. Regular Deadline: September 27th, 2012. I am aiming for the early bird deadline… but we’ll see what happens. In the 3 days since entering, I’ve managed to complete 10% of it… but I’ve still got a long way to go!

Small Project #1: Some of you may remember a post from a couple of weeks ago. I talked about missing film. Well, I finally did it. I pulled out my film camera and shot a roll of film. Sometime soon, I hope to get into a darkroom and see what I got.

Here’s the thing, while I love project and deadlines, life is about more than that. It is about being true to yourself and loving those close to you. It’s about creating memories and being fully present when you are doing a task. My family will always be my biggest priority. So while these projects above have deadlines, they will always take a backseat to meeting the needs of my family. Always. Even if it means not meeting a deadline. Because, in the end, my family is my everything and their happiness means the world to me.

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