Pumpkin Patch – Richmond Country Farms

My sister and I took Ella to the Pumpkin Patch at Richmond Country Farms today. I sometimes worry how Ella’s going to react to things, as she tends to be a little shy when she’s in a big crowd or in a place that she’s unfamiliar with. She was a little overwhelmed at first but warmed up quickly and seemed to really enjoy herself. She even picked up a couple of the smaller pumpkins and gave them hugs! The overall experience was a lot of fun. There’s a wagon ride out to the pumpkins, live music, mascots and a corn maze. The staff were friendly and helpful and despite a long line when we got there, everything moved along quickly. If you have older kids, I would say be prepared to spend a couple of hours enjoying your time. I thought the admission price of $7 (kids 3 and under are free) was completely reasonable, especially if you stayed to enjoy the entertainment.

I couldn’t resist sharing some of the images that I captured today. I know I’m completely biased, but she’s just so cute all bundled up and hanging out with the pumpkins!

My sister, Janelle, offering up a pumpkin for inspection!

This one’s more my size!

I think I’ll give it a hug 🙂

I think this one needs a thought bubble that reads “If I hold my tongue just so, maybe this won’t be quite so heavy!”

Still on the hunt.

This one looks a little lonely…

For some reason, petting the pumpkins became a fascinating thing to do.

Everywhere you turn, there’s more pumpkins.

This one makes a nice chair!

Yay for pumpkins!!

And to finish off my adventure, a pony ride. (What you have to understand about this is that Janelle has gotten Ella slightly obssessed with horses and show jumping. Now, whenever she sees a horse, she starts saying JUMP, JUMP. I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity for her to go for a ride on a horse, even if it was to just go in circles!)

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