Pure Joy

Have you ever taken the time to really and truly appreciate what JOY means? A few days ago, I started reading a book called “Be Happy” by Robert Holden, Phd The book is essentially a course in happiness and has a lot of scientific data to back it up.

Since I started reading, I’m been “looking” for moments of joy in my life. The other morning was one of my best joy moments yet. All four of us were piled into Ella’s bed. She’s woken up in the morning a little on the crabby side, so I’d put her down for a nap. She happened to wake up at the same time that Tehya woke up from her nap and she asked to hold Tehya right away. While we’re lying there, Tehya made a funny sound and Ella just started to laugh. You know that laugh that comes from deep within your belly? Ya, that kind. She just kept laughing, which started Tehya laughing, then me, then Eric. It was a moment that is imprinted in my brain and a constant reminder of how amazing I think my kids are. They remind me that Joy can be found in the simplest of moments and those moments can make your heart sing.

If you’re looking for a good read, so far, this one is great!


Happy Thursday!

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