Rainy Days – Aquarium

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween yesterday and that most of you have avoided the candy hangover! I think of Halloween as the start of Vancouver’s “rainy” season. We don’t really get winter…just rain. I don’t mind the rain, I love the way it keeps the landscape green and our air fresh. It also signals the start of finding things to do with your kids when it’s raining! So this week, I thought I would focus all my posts of different things to do in Vancouver when it’s wet outside!

For Ella’s first birthday, we bought a one year family pass to the Vancouver Aquarium.. It’s been a great investment so far, as the pass pays for itself after just two visits. Once you’ve paid for the year, all you need to worry about is parking. Ella doesn’t last for very long, so it’s usually only about $5 for the couple of hours that we spend there. Be sure to pack a snack…as it’s not cheap to eat on venue!

I love the aquarium when it’s raining, there’s so much to see inside that you sometimes miss when it’s sunny. There are several different indoor displays, like the Amazon or the Jelly fish! The underwater viewing areas are also fantastic. At our last visit, Ella spent about 1/2 an hour just staring at the belugas and probably about the same with the dolphins! Here’s a quick video that Eric put together from our last trip…along with one of my favourite images.

Happy (wet) Monday!

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