Rainy Days – go for a walk!

Yup, you read that right…put on your rain slicker and some rubber boots, pop up your umbrella and go for a walk!

Eric would take this one step further and suggest forgetting the raincoat and umbrella. He thinks that a good walk in the rain should mean getting soaked right down to the skin. Wearing “warm while wet” clothing such as Merino wool or fleece allows you to get soaked and still be warm. If you are going to do this then don’t forget to have dry clothes waiting by the front door and a fire ready to go in the fireplace. (Hot Chocolate doesn’t hurt either)

I’ve been waiting all week for the rain that had been forecasted, so that I could post a photograph of Ella walking in the rain. I had the perfect idea in my head…but it’s been such a fabulous week, that there has been no rain to speak of! Then, this morning, I looked outside and saw a perfect blustery day with a hint of the rain that’s forecasted to come.

I thought I could capture the image I had in my head…Ella had other ideas. She has decided that walking in gumboots, no matter how cute they are is, not for her! So each time I set her down, she would turn around and grab hold of my legs, asking for “UP, UP, UP!” This is the best image I could get under the circumstances…I guess this goes to show who’s really the boss!

Smile…it’s Friday!

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