Rainy Days – Portraits!

This is a very difficult post for me to write. It’s hard to feel like you’ve failed and then put those feelings out there for the whole world to read. Today was our holiday special in Vancouver and with a couple of last minute cancellations, we were not busy. That said, I do look for the “silver lining” in everything that I do. So here’s the upside of today 🙂

I really appreciate Don MacGregor, renting me his studio. I found it challenging to work in someone else’s space, with someone else’s backdrops and props. It really reinforced why I enjoy photographing kids in their own environments, be it their home or a favourite park. They are just more comfortable sharing their space with me than being somewhere unfamiliar. Having said that, the window light that Don has at the front of the studio is incredible. I LOVED IT!

I learned that you can take some great photographs outside, even if it’s a little bit drizzly. That family and friends are the cornerstone of my life and without them I would truly be lost. That from every failure that you have; you learn, you grow and you become better.

Here’s a peek at some of the photographs we captured today.

Busy little boys!

Special friends…

Eric and Ella sitting by the fabulous window light at the end of our day.

This is quite possibly my favourite image of the day. My sister and her dog, hanging out on the beach in the drizzle. To really appreciate this style of photography, with the person in the landscape, you need to see it BIG.

Enjoy your extra hour of sleep tonight!!

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