Rainy Days – Science World

Today’s rainy day post comes with no cute photographs and still no rain outside!

Science World is an amazing place for kids of all ages (even the big ones that are suppose to be the “grown ups”) The exhibits are always changing and their website is filled with fun stuff to do at home with the family. They are busy with renovations at the moment to make the facility a “greener space”, so be sure to check the website for closures to different exhibits.

I have not been to Science world in a couple of years, but I know Eric’s brother and his family like to check it out on a regular basis when they are here from Victoria. When Eric and I bought the Aquarium Pass for Ella, we thought that we would alternate the years between there and science world. That’s still the plan but we have another 6 months before that happens 🙂

Have a wonderful day and soak up the sun!

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