Richmond Photography session with Brigid

I love Facebook for so many different reasons, but the biggest one is for the opportunity it brings. A while back, a friend of mine was looking for fundraiser donations for her choir. I happily donated a portrait session, and yesterday, I had the pleasure of photographing Brigid, the winner of our gift certificate 🙂 As our speciality is kids, it was such a treat to spend some time talking to a grown up!

Brigid moved here from the UK in 1982, expecting to only be here for a year or two. Instead she found a home with a choir and stayed. Music is definitely her passion, as her face absolutely lights up when she talks about it. It made my job so easy!

We started off with a more formal look, as it was time to update her photo on the choir website.

Then we went to “work” capturing some more informal portraits for her mom.

She looked so lovely in this rose coloured top.

Such a wonderful smile, I love how it reaches her eyes!

Thank you for your time Brigid, it was truly my pleasure. For someone who doesn’t like to be photographed, you certainly did a great job!

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