Say Cheese. Why?

Don’t go running to your calendar, it’s still Wednesday. Katrina really wanted to post about Camp Goodtimes yesterday so my tip of the week got bumped to today.

Why do we say cheese? I’ll let you google that one yourself. Getting kids to smile for photographs might be one of the toughest challenges that parents face. Katrina and I use a variety of techniques to get kids to smile for us. Most won’t work for you, but here are three that will.

One. Get your kids to say “Hi.” instead of cheese or gorilla grits, or whatever your funny “say ______” happens to be. Get your kids to think of someone who they’d be excited to see right now and then say hi to them. Try it yourself right now. It’s a pretty positive word connected to a positive emotion. That’s what we are trying to get here, emotion.

Two. Try laughing out loud. Laughter is contagious.

Three. Don’t go for the smile at all. We’re not always looking for a smile. We’re looking for expression. That can be anything from laughter to introspection. Not every photograph needs a toothy smile. Lots of us look better in a photograph with just the hint of happiness.

And a bonus one…try capturing your child when they are busy doing something else. Playing, drawing, reading etc. These images will help to balance out the ones that you’ve “posed” for and you’re guaranteed to capture some great emotions. Just make sure they don’t see the camera!

Enjoy your day, and don’t forget to smile!

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