Seeing Thoughtfulness!

Earlier this year, Ella came home from school asking if she could have an iPad like the one they use at school. We realized that it was time to start talking about money. So we had a long discussion about the cost of things and that if she wanted to buy herself an iPad or a Tablet, she could save up her money to do this. She opted to have a toonie party for her birthday this year, in part to save some money. She’s very slowly making dishcloths to sell, as a way to earn money. She’s careful and thoughtful about what she asks for now and is working towards her “reward.”

So I was especially touched when I received a card from her for my birthday saying that she wanted to take me out for lunch and for ice cream. Just the two of us. This was my gift. And she was going to use her own money to pay for the ice cream. Money that she’d earned by helping to take back the recyclable with her dad and that she’d planned on putting towards her tablet. When she’d first had the discussion with Eric about what she wanted to do for me, she’d said that she wanted to take me out for ice cream and she wanted to pay for it. Eric was so touched by her thoughtfulness, that he offered to give her money for lunch, if she wanted to do that as well. Needless to say, I was so honoured that treating me to something simple felt like a worthwhile thing to do with her money. I love seeing her grow and change and see her thoughtfulness shine through.

Enjoying our ice cream.


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