Shake a Leg!

You know that you’ve passed on your love of reading when you find something like this:


This would be one of our moving boxes, which has been turned into Ella’s “reading” fort. Yup, she’s made herself at home in a cardboard box. Should I be worried?

Now onto the book reviews for this week! If you were to hand me either of these two books, blindfold me and ask me to read them to you, I could. I have lost track of how many times I have read each of these books, but I can only imagine that it numbers in the hundreds.

Let’s start with “Shake A Leg!” by Constance Allen. I picked this book up on a whim when Ella was about 6 months old and it’s been a favourite of both the girls. It’s filled with so many different “actions” all geared towards getting your child moving and learning about body parts. Tehya thinks it’s hilarious and LOVES to honk her nose or jiggle her ears. The best for me, is when Ella gets in on the action with Tehya. I don’t know what’s funnier to watch – them acting out the story or the fact that they are giggling incessantly while doing it!

You really never can go wrong with Dr. Seuss. I especially love the message at the end of this book. “Of all the shapes we MIGHT have been… I say, “HOORAY for the shapes we’re in!” As with all his books, it’s simple, fun and easy to read!


Don’t forget to share your favourite books with me for a chance to win a FREE book. This week’s draw will take place tomorrow, Febuary 1st at 8pm. The book this week is The ChimpanSneeze by Aaron Zenz.

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