Smiling is easy…

As Sunday draws closer and closer… and I admittedly get a little more nervous (what if no one comes? what if too many people come? what if my alarm doesn’t go off and I’m late? what if…. The list is long and mostly silly I know, but…) It’s times like this that I’m so glad I have my girls to remind me why it’s all worth it. Why I’m pulling the late nights to make sure I’m ready. Why I’m doing this for them. They remind me that smiling is easy… that I am a very, very lucky mama!

Yesterday morning, Ella climbed up into the rocking chair and asked to hold Tehya. Then she asked that I take some pictures of them. I didn’t have time to grab my “pro” camera, so I grabbed the next best thing… my Canon G11. I’m sharing these because they make me smile. A snapshot, a moment, a reminder of this time.

Shortly after I took this photo, Ella asked me to get Tehya’s monkey. Basically she wanted to keep Tehya away from her lion 🙂

This one makes me laugh. Technically, it’s a TERRIBLE photograph and I’m sure Eric is cringing that I would post something like this… but this isn’t about the technical, this is about the emotion. Ella is “roaring” like her lion and Tehya, would likely eat your socks, if you let her! It’s my girls, at their finest 😉

Keep smiling… it’s easy!

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