Ever have those moments where you just have to smile, because life seems pretty amazing? I feel so lucky that our Saturday and Sunday were filled with them!

On Saturday, we had a leisurely morning. We’d thought we’d head out to Agassiz to check out the Tulip Festival, but the weather wasn’t looking 100%, and we didn’t want to make the drive if we were going to be rained out… so we decided to stay closer to home. The girls and I needed to do a little last minute shopping for Eric’s birthday and then the 4 of us headed out to Minnekhada Park. The small loop that we chose to walk was PERFECT for the girls and there was lots of giggling to be had on the trail.


Tehya carried the trail map with her the entire time and kept checking it to point out where we were going. It was pretty cute!


Eric was in charge of grabbing some camera gear for our hike. He grabbed our little G11 and an infrared camera that he had a home from work. I kind of like the effect…


Crossing the log bridge…


Tehya wanted to cross by herself, but Eric was a little worried she’d fall in. The compromise was for him to walk behind her the entire time, holding his hands close to her, but not actually touching her… she’s definitely my fearless one!


Taking a break to consult the map again…


Ella needed to take a picture of the “interesting hole in the log.”


Our selfie close to the end of the hike.


What I loved most about the day was the time spent together. Just being.

On Sunday, Eric had to attend a camera swap meet for work. This was a little sad, because it also happened to be his birthday, and we’d all wanted him to be at home with us! However, the girls were just as happy to spend the day wrapping presents, making cards and balloons and helping me make the cake… although when it came time to help ice it, they were more interested in eating the icing than helping! When Eric arrived home, the girls could hardly wait for him to open his presents. They were SO excited! As soon as the presents were open, they were whisked downstairs to be played with, while I finished making dinner. When it finally came time to have the cake, the girls did a great job of singing Happy Birthday to their dad and happily helped him gobble up some cake 🙂 So what started out as a slightly sad day because Eric wasn’t home, ended with everyone smiling, because we were able to savour the moments that we did have together.

Happy Monday!

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