Snow Day!

Yesterday, we woke up to a Winter Wonderland. The skiff of snow that we’d had on Saturday was nothing compared to what we got yesterday…and now, most of it is gone. It’s rare in Vancouver that we see much snow in the winter, let alone in November! I have mixed feelings about snow. I love how it’s makes a city seem so quiet and peaceful. I love how beautiful the trees look. I don’t love having to drive. Especially with some of the nutters on the road in bald, summer tires!

So I didn’t drive, instead, I went out into the snow and played with Ella. Yes, I know, I blog a lot about Ella…but as most parents know, when you’re not at work, your life is all about the kid(s). Which means when I’m not photographing your kids, I’m photographing mine!

Ella wasn’t too impressed when we went out in the snow on Saturday…but she’s changed her mind a little.

Happy Friday!

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