So Much Gratitude!

October has barely begun and I’m feeling very overwhelmed. I feel like I have a list a million miles long and not enough time in the day to accomplish the tasks. Every day the list seems to grow, instead of shrink, despite the fact that I’m working crazy hours.  A lot of the time, I just want to curl up with my knitting and hope that some tiny little elves will come and do all the work for me. It’s on days like these that I take 5 minutes and think about all the things I’m grateful for. Given that it’s Thanksgiving weekend, and it seems fitting, I thought I’d share part of my list with you.

Eric – I’m lucky. I married a pretty amazing man, who’s an incredible father for our girls. He’s smart, hard working and supportive. I appreciate his many talents and I’m grateful to have him walk beside me in life. I know this isn’t the best photo of him, but it sure sums him up as a dad!


Ella & Tehya – My girls. Each day brings with it a unique set of challenges and joys. They remind me to slow down and not work too hard. They remind me that it’s okay to say no. They also remind me that sometimes, yes, is the best answer. They make my heart happy and I’m so fortunate to be their mom.


Our house – It’s been a big adjustment and while we’re not 100% settled, we’re getting there. Things are slowly finding homes and items are being checked off the to do list. I think the thing I love the most is having a backyard. A place where we can go outside and the kids can run around and dig in dirt and just be. A place that’s all their own. Yesterday, they helped me plant tulip bulbs. I’m not sure all of them ended up the right way up, but hopefully some of them will grow come the spring, as I’m sure they’d be most delighted! They’ll add a little more colour to this spot 🙂


My parents – Without them, I’d be a little lost. They help so much with the girls and have taught me a lot about the true meaning of courage. Their support and encouragement has gotten me to where I am today and for that, saying “thank you”, hardly seems to be enough.

Eric’s parents – Obviously, without them, there’d be no Eric… but I’m so grateful that they’re willing to help us whenever they can, even if it means a trip from Victoria to do it.

My siblings and sibling-in-laws – Thank you for loving our kids and letting us love yours. Thank you for tolerating just one more photograph. Thank you for being there when we need you.

My clients – Without you, there’d be no business. I can only be a photographer because of your trust and support. For this, I’m eternally grateful.

My camera gear – I wouldn’t be much of a photographer without it!


Craft supplies – I have a lot of “hobbies”. I like to knit, crochet & sew. I’m just starting to learn how to felt and how to design my own patterns. I love to be creative and it’s simply not possible without fantastic supplies!


Kitchen tools – I also love to cook and bake… I think this is the main reason Eric decided to marry me. Having great tools in the kitchen makes my life so much easier.

My friends – You know who you are, and while I don’t always have the amount of time I would like to have to spend with you, you mean the world to me. I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

I could go on forever, but I’ll stop here and ask you this… What are you thankful for? Share a comment with us below before 10pm on Monday October 14th and I’ll draw a name at random to win a surprise gift 🙂 The winner will be notified by email and the prize will be mailed or delivered to you!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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