Some Family Fun!

Ever have one of those weeks where you’re just glad you made it through to the weekend? It seems that as summer draws closer and closer, there’s just more to do and less time to accomplish it all! Add to the mix a couple nights of little sleep (thanks Tehya :)) and I’m looking forward to the weekend!

In case you missed it, tomorrow June 9th is the Wellness Fair at Gold Fox Acres in Langley. It’s going to be a great day! Take a zumba or yoga class. Listen to some inspirational talks. Check out some candles, reflexology or jewelry. Bring the kids out and have a visit with some of the wonderful animals… including some baby goats born on May 28th! They will also be having a name the bunny contest! Should be lots of FUN!!!

I hope to see some of you there, as I will be wandering around with camera in hand, capturing the fun as the day unfolds 🙂

The address is 21810 8th Ave in Langley. Be there anytime between 10 and 3!

Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see some of you tomorrow!

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