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We had a great day on Monday celebrating Ella’s birthday. Most of our plans went off without a hitch… except for her 2 year portraits. I was hoping she’d nap on the way home from the aquarium… she didn’t. So by the time dinner rolled around, we had a very crabby little girl on our hands. Not a great idea to try and get her into a nice outfit and out to a park for photographs. I’d wanted to do these portraits with the sweet evening light that comes at the end of beautiful sunny days. So I thought to myself, no big deal, we’ll just do it tomorrow.

Well, that didn’t go according to plan either. I know most people won’t like to hear this, but Ella’s a great sleeper, 99.9% of the time. Yesterday fell into the .1% of the time. Usually when she’s missed a nap the day before, she sleeps in. Not so yesterday. She was up earlier than normal and didn’t nap again (despite my best efforts for 2 hours!). Needless to say, the crabbiness factor came out again, which meant no photos.

Here’s the thing. The perfectionist in me would have liked to have done Ella’s two year portraits on her birthday. The reality is that even though I’ve photographed Ella once a month for her first year and every six months since, none of those images were actually taken on the 6th of the month. It was always later. Why? Because most of the time I wait until all the “conditions” are right, so that the end result is a beautiful portrait.

So what’s the point of all this rambling? This is the subtle difference between being a “pro” and simply documenting an event. Anyone can take a photograph. Anyone can document an event, a moment. Not just anyone will get all the key components “right” to create something beautiful. To prove my point. Here are a couple of our “documented” moments from Monday.

The “cool dude” putting her own sunglasses on… upside down 🙂

Receiving Happy Birthday wishes during our picnic!

So the next time you’re worried about the fact that you’ve just got “snap shots” of your kids, don’t. I have them too and I’m a “pro”.

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