Special Moments

On Saturday, Eric took Tehya camping overnight, which left me at home with Ella. I love that we were able to do this for so many different reasons. So often, we get wrapped up in the things that seem important that we lose track of what’s actually important!

Eric was a little nervous about being away with just Tehya. She’s always been a bit of a mama’s girl, so he was worried that she’d want to go home, especially at bedtime. I wasn’t worried, as I know Tehya also adapts very well and would likely have an amazing time! Not surprisingly, she did. They spent a lot of time sitting on a beach, while Tehya threw rocks in the water. They played and fished and cooked marshmallows. They came home happy, which is all that really matters 🙂

The view from their campsite:


While they were off adventuring, Ella and I had a different sort of fun. We crafted and planted and went out for dinner and ice cream. It was a pretty great day for us, and she loved having my undivided attention!

The new pot for our front door


The little guys we created

Ella has named this one Spidey


Tehya has named this one Ballet


And you can never go wrong with a mini pumpkin!


All in all, I can say that the weekend was perfect. Time spent focused on what makes me happiest… time spent with my family. I’m looking forward to next month, when Eric takes Ella camping and Tehya and I get some time just the two of us. Can’t wait to see what she decides we should get up to!

Happy Thursday 🙂

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