When we came home from our adventure up the Fraser Canyon, I was a little worried that we would get wrapped up in all the things that needed to be done around the house or for work and not stay in vacation mode. Eric and I made a promise to each other that we wouldn’t answer the phone, check Facebook or emails… essentially, we’d pretend that we were still away, and it was amazing.

The first day back, was my birthday… so we did cheat a little and answer the phone, but then we switched off and went outside.

We came home to an abundance of fruit in our garden.


I think Tehya ate as many raspberries as she picked!


And, of course, rocks needed to be coloured in the shade of their playhouse.


We put the sprinkler on and were rewarded with lots of giggles…


And happy wet smiles


We took a drive out to Stave Lake and found a river close by to do some panning in.


The girls explored… mosquito bites and all



We even took a drive back out to Agassiz and Harrison Mills to do a circle farm tour. If you like berry wine, this place was fantastic!


We took time to smell the flowers…


And eat ice cream…



And explore in forests…



And have fun together…



At the end of our vacation time, I was so grateful. Grateful to have been able to witness my girls bond and become better friends. Grateful to have been able to spend time building memories and being completely present in those moments. To know that those beautiful smiles that we were given throughout our time together, were our rewards. That one day, we’ll look back at the few photographs we took and remember. Remember the fun. Remember the sunshine. Remember that life is found in our time together and that being disconnected from the world around us, even for a short time, has incredible benefits.

Happy Tuesday!

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