This quote made me stop…


Why is it that we’re so hard on ourselves and the way we look? I know I’m guilty of it. Do you do it too? Do you stop yourself from being in photos with your kids because of it? Do you choose not to partake in certain activities like swimming because of it? I know I do.

Can we make a pact with each other? Can we just agree that we are all perfect, just the way we are? That our “faults” are part of what makes us unique? That we know our kids don’t see the rolls and the jiggly bits the same way we do? Can we strive to change the future for our children? Make it a place where this statistic is just laughable for ever existing? Can we agree that being in the photograph with a “double chin” or whatever horrible thing you say about yourself, is better than not being there at all?

Will you join me?

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