Lately, I feel a little overwhelmed. So much to do and so little time. It doesn’t help that it feels like time is currently moving at warp speed. I feel like I’m missing so much because my mind is constantly thinking about the “to do list” and not focusing on the task at hand. I feel a little guilty because I don’t think Ella or Tehya are getting the full attention they deserve.

But last night, I stopped and enjoyed this moment.

Watching Eric read a story to “our girls” was enough to remind me to slow down a little. Life is too short to not savour the little moments. The hugs and kisses. The wiggling bodies that don’t want to stay still and go to sleep. The “I love yous” from Ella and the gentle “coos” from Tehya. I am so lucky and so grateful. My heart is full. Today I will slow down a little and focus on what’s truly important.

Happy Friday!

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