Stretching my Limits

There are moments in our lives that truly test us and Saturday was one of those days for me. A long time ago, I made a business decision that I would put my client’s comfort first and foremost in my photography. This meant that I stopped booking sessions really close together, often only booking one per day, as I never wanted them (or me!) to feel rushed. This is especially important with children. It usually takes them a little bit of time to warm up to a stranger, especially one with a huge camera in front of her face and really show their true personality. So to be doing sessions every 20 minutes for 4.5 hours on Saturday, was a stretch for me and I LOVED every single minute of it. The families that joined us were all wonderful. The kids were fantastic and for the most part, really cooperative. Despite a couple of last minute cancellations, the day went so smoothly. Now… to sit down and sift through 700+ images and choose the ones that will be featured on Sarah’s new website!

Thank you to all the families who came out to join us for our casting call. Both Sarah and I are so GRATEFUL for your time and desire to join us. The day wouldn’t have been a success without you!

If you’re on Facebook, you will have likely already seen these two images… and they’re the only ones we’ll be sharing until Sarah’s website launches in a few weeks. (Although, I’m hoping to get images for the families to choose from well before then!)

Sarah’s photo of me hard at work!


I had a really hard time picking just one photo to share with you from all the ones I captured… but had to find one, so it was chosen at random and I have to say, I kinda love it. He’s such a cutie!


Looking forward to sharing more with you soon! Happy Monday 🙂

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