Sunday at the Birch Tree

Thank you to everyone who joined us for some family fun yesterday at the Birch Tree! We had a great time photographing all the families, crafting, face painting and hanging out with the bunnies from Gold Fox Acres farm. I think the bunnies stole the show and were a HUGE hit. It was a bonus to have some 3 1/2 week old babies bunnies too. They were so ADORABLE and tiny, I wanted to take one home… but Eric said no 🙁

I mean, seriously, wouldn’t you want to have a cuddle with this wee one???

We had a few bigger bunnies too, and this one was a ham! Very curious and a bit of a poser 🙂

My parents brought our girls out for a visit with the bunnies too. I’d say judging from Ella’s reaction that she thought they were pretty cool too!

For those of you who entered our Facebook Contest, the photos are now up and the voting is open! Head over to our fanpage to see some more adorable bunny photos!

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