Sweet Ella is Five and a Half!

Earlier this month, Ella turned 5 and a half. As is our tradition, we take portraits on the girls birthdays and their “half birthday”. This time, since we’ve been doing this for so long, I asked Ella if she still wanted to do her half year portraits. She thought about it for a really long time and finally said yes, she’d like to and she’d like to take them in her bedroom. On Sunday, we finally had a few free moments to take the portraits… but Ella wasn’t sure if she still wanted to do them… so we made a deal. I would put a timer on and once the timer went off, we were done. The agreed upon limit… 5 minutes! I’m pretty pleased with the variety I got and Ella was super happy to cooperate for such a short period of time! Win-Win 🙂

She requested her lion be in a photo…


And then her blanket…


And then both of them together!


I LOVE her laugh and I can hear it just looking at this image.


She doesn’t always love to look at the camera, but there’s something about this image that just makes me smile.


“Oh… I’m the happiest Christmas Tree!” (This pose is one of the actions from her Christmas concert song, and she insisted I photograph her like this. I was happy to oblige, as I think she looks pretty sweet like this!)


My little ham!


This is my favourite one from the session. This is how I see her every day. Peaceful and happy.


Ella, you are truly an amazing little girl. You are kind, gentle and compassionate. You show a maturity beyond your years and I love your inquisitive nature. Sometimes you ask really hard questions, and I always do my best to answer them. I know, sometimes, the answers I give you don’t quite satisfy your curiosity, but I hope you never stop asking questions! You’re doing so well in school and every day, I’m more and more impressed with the work you bring home. Thank you for being you. Love, mom.

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