Sweet Ella is Seven

Time is a very interesting thing. It seems to move faster when you want it to slow down, but at a snail’s pace when you’re waiting for something important. This phenomenon seems to be so much more pronounced after having kids. It seems that the years fly by and now I have a 7 year old!

Ella’s birthday was last month and although I did the photos right away, I wanted her permission to post them. She gave me the green light a little while ago and I’m finally getting around to writing it! For her birthday this year, Ella wanted to get her hair cut and donate it again! Just over 8″ this time.

We did a few photos of her before the hair cut… she was being a bit of a ham.


And then ham #2 wanted to join in the fun


But it meant that I also got this sweet image of the two of them. They have so much love for each other, it melts my heart every single time!


As we were walking to her hair appointment, they came across this chicken bike rack… so, of course, they needed to ride it!


Off goes the ponytail!


And let the trimming begin. I’m so grateful that Rianne from Moz Hair studio is willing to cut my girls hair, she always does an amazing job!


And of course, she had to ride the chicken again with her new do!


A few days later, we celebrated her birthday with a few friends and family. When looking for ideas for her cake, I came across this cupcake flower, and she loved it!



This image. It makes my heart happy. We stopped in the park on the way back to the car from her hair appointment. The light was gorgeous and she actually gave me a smile!


My dear sweet Ella. You are such an amazing little girl. You are kind, generous and thoughtful. You love with your whole being and give the most amazing hugs. You face challenges with a silent determination and you never give up. You fill our lives with such joy and I’m so so grateful to be your mom. Thank you for being you. Love, mom

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