Team work

Eric was in Victoria yesterday to give slide show presentations to Theresa and Nicole. I had mixed emotions about this. Since starting my business, I’ve always LOVED seeing client initial reactions to their images, but I’m always really nervous. I still worry that they might not like them. So we decided that Eric would give these presentations and see how that went. Eric had a lot of fun and I still got to hear all about the reactions. This is part of what makes a good team. Balance and trust. Knowing when someone else may be better at something and trusting them to do a good job. We both learned a lot yesterday and I’m sure it will make the experience better for all our clients in the future!

While I love giving sneak peeks, I also like to save my favourite image from a session, so that the client is the first to see it. Here are the ones from these sessions!

Simple, but beautiful!

Love this 🙂

Happy Monday!

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