Tehya’s 10 months old!

In two short months, my wee baby will be one! Time seems to be slipping by so quickly. With each passing month I am more in awe of how quickly Tehya’s changing, growing and learning. Her four top front teeth are working hard to make an appearance and I expect that they will all be in within the next week or so. She’s crawling like crazy and trying hard to figure out how to stand up. Some days, I swear she eats her body weight in food and I question where it all goes.

I love being a mom. It is the best, most challenging job I’ve ever had. I am so very lucky to have two great girls to help guide through life. Life is pretty sweet 🙂

Love these little cheeks…

Big Smiles!

She loves to read.

And sometime, she still suffers from crazy hair!

I’ve saved the best for last… this is my all time favourite Tehya face. It makes me laugh every single time she does it.

Happy Wednesday.

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