Tehya’s 2!

Today, my sweet little Tehya turns two. I can hardly believe it’s been two years since she was born. Time seems to simply be flying by! On Saturday, we had the perfect weather to celebrate our wee one and surrounded by family, we did.

No party is complete without cake! I had so much fun with this one…


And it’s extra little buddies!


Tehya knew exactly what to do and started blowing before I’d even set the cake in front of her!


A moment after this image was taken, Tehya grabbed the littlest owl off the tray and proceeded to eat his beak. It was pretty funny, as she refused to eat any of the rest of the cupcake… just the smarties on it!


When it came time to open her presents, each one was met with a “WOW”, followed by the need to play with everything right away! She seemed a little confused that all this was for her 🙂


I think this is one of my favourite images from the day. I have no idea what she’s looking at, but I love her smile!


And of course, her laugh!


My sweet little Tehya, you’re growing up so quickly and I love you so very much. You are a touch mischievous with the right mix of sweetness. You are quick to learn and quick to laugh. You love with all your heart, even if you’re not so sure about giving hugs. You make my heart happy. Love, mom.

Happy Monday everyone!

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