Tehya’s 5 Month Portraits

With every passing month, I shake my head and wonder where the time has gone. 5 months, how can that be? As cliche as it sounds, it truly feels like yesterday that Tehya was born. Now she’s working hard on rolling over and learning to sit on her own. She chews on everything she can get her hands on. She giggles easily and is full of smiles. She loves to cuddle (which I truly hope lasts forever!) and she adores her big sister. Life is sweet and no matter how much I wish to slow down time, I’ll take it all as it comes.

Giggles for Dad

Loving this smile!

Cuddles for mom. (Don’t you just love the squishy rolls??)

Kisses from Ella

The thought bubble for this one should read, “How can I get this blanket into my mouth with no one noticing?”

“Look at me, I’m sitting all by myself!”

Good night, sleep tight

In case anyone is wondering, Tehya was never in any danger of falling. Either Eric or I were right beside her, hands just outside the frame, ready to catch her if she started to tip over. Safety first, always!

Happy Monday!

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