Tehya’s Four and a Half

This is Tehya, my sweet, crazy, funny, loving, awesome youngest child. Last month she turned four and a half… and while I did the portraits on time, I’m only getting around to posting them now. There are many, many balls that I’m juggling right now and sometimes one or two of them get dropped…the blog being one of them!


This time, we did Tehya’s portraits outside in the playhouse Eric is building for the girls. Tehya was feeling particularly cheeky that day!


She was thrilled to get to sit in the window… as that’s not usually allowed!


This image just makes my heart happy. In fact, it’s printed as a black and white, sitting on my desk as I write this. These two are such wonderful friends. Every. Single. Day. I’m in awe of just how much love my heart holds for them, especially when they are being silly together!


A couple of days after I did the above portraits, Tehya had her hair cut. Rianne is amazing and she did an awesome job, just as she did two years ago when Tehya went short. This time she had 8 inches of hair to donate!



This cut went WAY SMOOTHER than last time and I actually managed to get some images while her hair was being cut! She’s still a wiggler, but she did way better 🙂



Checking herself out in the mirror…


She was “done” with being photographed when we got home that afternoon, so I don’t have any more photos from that day… but I have to say, Tehya is THRILLED to no longer have to sit still for me while I brush out tangles and I love her with short hair!

Tehya… every day, you tell me that you’re going to be five soon and you simply can’t wait to start kindergarten. I look forward to that day with mixed emotions. I’m looking forward to having uninterrupted time to work during the day, but I’m going to miss my daytime cuddles. You are such an amazing kid. You truly live life to its fullest. Always laughing or crying with every single ounce of your being. You wake up in the morning ready to go and you don’t stop for a moment… unless it’s for the occasional cuddle or story. I love listening to the stories you invent when you’re playing with lego or your stuffed animals. You have such a wonderful imagination. Thank you for being you. I can’t believe you’re almost 5! It’ll be here before I know it! Love mom.

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