Tehya’s Gift

In September, my sister gifted Tehya a riding lesson for her birthday… but with the craziness of the fall, we struggled to find a time to actually make the lesson happen. After Christmas, I was looking at the calendar and we were able to find a date… January 1st! The weather was perfect, the kids were in a great mood and we all had an amazing time 🙂 Tehya was all smiles from the moment we arrived at the barn until bedtime that night!

All ready to tack up!


Leading Sprite out to the mounting stand 🙂


My parents happen to be in Vancouver, so they stopped by to watch the lesson too. My dad just helped Tehya onto the horse!


All ready to go and so excited!


Started off with a little road walk…


Holding the reigns tight for a little trotting!


A little stroll along the river!


I think someone’s having fun!


All done and time to give Sprite a carrot for a job well done.


I love that this past year my sister gifted both the girls with a riding lesson. They’ve each had a great time and it’s an awesome memory for them. Ella still talks about her lesson, as does Tehya. They’ve both requested to do it again for their birthdays this year, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll even find a way to make regular lessons happen.

Happy Tuesday!

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