Tehya’s nine months portraits

With each passing month, I’m more in awe of how quickly time passes. I realized this month that Tehya has lived 2/3 of her first year already. How is that even possible? It seems that each new day brings with it more adventures and I am so grateful to have the time to watch some of it as it’s unfolding!

My dear sweet Tehya – you’re developing quite the little personality. You have an extremely expressive face, you light up when you see the people you love and you shy away from strangers. You’re really figuring out how to crawl, although it’s still a little more like a wounded soldier than a proper crawl… but it’s quick. You have the best laugh and it can brighten even the darkest day. You make my heart happy and I love you. Love mom.

The other morning, we were all in Ella’s room and she started to pile up her stuffies on Tehya. Eric and I both looked at each other and had the same idea at the same time. ET!

You love to clap, especially after you sit up!

You’re moving so much, it was hard to capture you sitting in the spot that I wanted you in.

I LOVE how much you love each other.

Happy Wednesday!

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