Tehya’s Six Month Portraits!

Dear Tehya,

Wow, half a year, I can hardly believe it. Time sure does fly. You are growing so quickly and developing quite the little personality. Yesterday, when I finally got around to taking your portraits (yes, I know, I’m just over a week late), every time your dad or I would sit you up, you’d push yourself over again and then giggle like crazy. You seemed to think it was pretty funny and I’m just glad that you decided to do this on the bed and not on the floor!

You have to be one of the happiest kids I know. This past week, you’ve had a pretty nasty cough, one that would make most people grumpy, but not you, you were as happy as could be. Even if you’d just had a coughing fit, once you were done, you’d just look at me, smile and coo. It reminded me that you really do have a choice in life. You can choose to be happy or you can choose to be grumpy. You seem to have chosen to be happy all the time, so thank you for this!

You’re doing so well with your balance. You’re able to sit up for about 1/2 an hour at a stretch and even reach out to pick up your toys. You still love to suck your thumb, but not as often. You’ve also decided that having a blanket wrapped around your hand when you’re sucking your thumb is the best thing ever. You kinda remind me of Linus from the Peanuts.

You’ve also inherited my crazy hair. For this, I’m sorry. My mom laughs about it all the time. She said that there’s not much I can do to tame it, unless I want to put a little bit of oil in it and slick it down! I think it looks like a little halo crossed with a bad comb over job 🙂 I know you’ll eventually grow out of it, but for now, it gets lots of comments!

You remind me every day what a lucky mom I am. You greet me with a smile when you wake up in the morning and we always have a good cuddle before bed at night. My heart is full and I am so grateful. Thank you for being you.

love, mom.

Your smile after the first “crash.”

Checking out the beautiful hand made polar bear that you received from Sherry.

Showing off your beautiful smile and your crazy, crazy hair!

Because no post would be complete without feet 🙂

Getting sleepy!

I’m one VERY, VERY lucky mom. Love you both sooooooooooo much!

Happy Monday!

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