Tehya’s Three and A Half!

Wow, I can’t believe how fast time is flying right now. It seems like every day passes in a second and at times, I’m having trouble keeping up! Last month, my sweet little Tehya turned three and a half. As is our custom, we did a little session to mark the milestone… and it’s taken me this long to post them!

Last year sometime, we were having a lot of problems with Tehya getting dressed. She wanted to wear “all her favourite colours!”… which meant she basically wanted to look like a walking rainbow. This was a challenge at times with the clothes that were in her closet, so short of buying her an entire new wardrobe, I suggested she could wear different coloured socks and it worked…

She’s not so fussy about needing all her favourite colours any more, but she still loves to wear mismatched socks!


Getting her to sit still for me was a bit of a challenge, but I love what I did get… all in about 5 minutes, because after that she was done! (I was not above bribing her with fishy crackers…) I think if we could supply her with a different hat for every day of the year, she’d be a happy girl!


This one is Eric’s favourite… and one of mine too. It also is Tehya through and through. Smiling, having fun, with just a hint of mischievousness mixed in for good measure!


Tehya, you are growing up so quickly! While there is part of me that wants you to stay little forever, I’m loving watching you change. You have such a vibrant personality and I love to hear you laugh. You give the absolute best cuddles because you hug with your whole being. You’re quick to point out when we “break” a rule, and then remind us of what we’re supposed to be doing! You love your big sister so much and I love to watch that friendship grow. Thank you for being the amazing little you that you are. Love you with all my heart, mom.

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