Tehya’s Three months already!

Just a couple of days before Christmas it was Tehya’s three month birthday, which I find so hard to believe. There’s part of me that wishes I could whisper in her ear “Slow down, you’re growing too fast.” and that it would simply become true. The other part of me longs for the day when I can sit back and watch Ella and Tehya playing together, all by themselves.

With the craziness of Christmas and then everyone being sick, I didn’t get around to taking Tehya’s monthly portraits until yesterday…so I guess technically she’s three months, one and a half weeks!

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m spoiled. Since meeting Eric and having him join me in the business, he’s taken over some of the things that I don’t really enjoy. He’s so good at being a tech, he usually gets all my gear out, sets up my lights, meters everything and then hands me the camera. While he’s doing his thing, it leaves me to concentrate on setting up my scene and deciding what types of photographs I’d like to create. He’s still really sick, so he said that if I wanted photos of Tehya, I’d have to do it all myself. (Or as Ella would say “All my byself”) Although, he did muster up the strength to take a few photographs, it was a lot of fun for me to do most of this session on my own!

I had a really hard time narrowing down my favourites, so I posted more than I normally would. I know I’m completely biased when I say this, but Tehya’s just so photogenic 🙂

She’s doing really well with holding her head up, so I thought I’d try some where she’s “sitting” up. I love the fact that it also highlights her delicious baby chub!! Photo courtesy of Eric.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her chubby little cheeks and the rolls on her arms!

She’s so alert and loves to watch people. (This one’s also Eric’s. He had me holding Tehya, with a blanket draped over my head!)

I don’t know what it is about this photo, but it’s one of my absolute favs! Eric’s doing the holding now…but I was nice enough not to drape a blanket over his head.

Starting to get a little sleepy.

I know, I’m breaking my own clothing rules with these photos. I hadn’t planned to photograph her again, but then I couldn’t resist. After I’d rocked her to sleep, I looked at the fact that everything was still set up and decided that some sleeping photos were in order, regardless of what she was wearing! I loved them so much that I thought I would share these too 🙂

She does love her thumb!

I told Eric that this one makes me a little weepy. I don’t really know why. Although it does make me want to kiss her over and over again!

This one tugs at my heart strings. She looks so peaceful.

I’ve talked a lot about emotional symbols before. Photographs are stronger when you use props that are special for you. The monkey is one that I bought when I travelled to New York while I was pregnant with Ella. I brought back a lion (Ella’s all-time, can’t live without, favourite stuffie) and this monkey. Ella keeps grabbing the monkey from Tehya’s crib and bringing it out for Tehya to play with. She’ll sit on the floor, having “conversations” with her lion, the monkey and Tehya. It’s pretty cute. The blanket was a gift from my cousin, it’s made from bamboo and it’s gorgeous. The sleepers were also a gift from friends and while they are a bit on the busy side, they do highlight the fact that Tehya’s a little girl!

Hope you have a fabulous day, thanks for stopping by!

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