Tehya’s Two Months Old!

Time is moving so quickly, I sometimes wish I could slow it down a little… either that or find a way to add about 8 hours to my day! (Isn’t there a movie where the guy could control time with his universal remote control? I think the moral of the story ended up being, be careful what you wish for, it may not be as good as it seems!) Anyway, back to the topic at hand… Tehya’s two months old and doing great! She’s growing like crazy and lights up everytime she sees her big sister. Ella is still very much in love with her little sister and likes to copy everything I say to Tehya. It’s adorable and I love it!

I spent a little time yesterday afternoon capturing these photographs…

I just LOVE window light…and baby smiles 🙂

I think it’s kinda funny that it looks like Tehya is holding up the little duck on her sleeper!

Ella thinks the best part about being a big sister, is getting to hold Tehya. It’s the first thing she asks for in the morning when she wakes up. It warms my heart.

Then last night, when Eric got home, we did some family photos… which I will be sharing tomorrow. But I had to share this one now, because I love it. Yes, I said it out loud. I actually like a photograph of myself 🙂

(maybe that’s because it’s really more about Tehya…)

Have a great day!

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